Tablet & Smartphone Services

Tablet & Smartphone Services

If your Apple/Android phone or tablet needs immediate repairs, such as a cracked screen, faulty headphone jack, or even just a new battery, our goal is to have it expertly repaired and returned to you as quick as possible. Our experts at REBELLION IT are highly trained and have the experience to satisfy all your mobile phone repair needs! There are many repairs we can make without you having to replace your phone or tablet, including dead pixels, split cover, malfunctioning camera or a broken ringer. By repairing, rather than replacing, your phone or tablet, you can save time and money. Let us give your phone a complete free diagnostic and make any necessary repairs to get your phone working like new.

  • Full diagnostic & repair of all software and hardware problems on your phone or tablet.

  • All phones and tablets are repaired in our local shop, and most repairs can be performed same day.

  • Setup and configuration.

  • Wireless and Bluetooth setup and pairing

  • LCD Screen and Digitizer replacement for phones with blank or cracked displays.

  • Email / Calendars / Contacts sync.

  • Battery replacement.

  • Failed Motherboard Repair & Replacement.

  • Casing and cover replacement on dropped or cracked devices.

  • Damaged charging port repairs.

We offer all types of computer repair services for your home or small business. If your specific problem isn’t on this list, please call us at 830-714-4933

If for some reason we can’t help you, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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